Writing an essay

Starting writing an essay, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the main recommendations and requirements of the educational system. There are certain rules concerning the design of this type of work. And in this regard, it is extremely important that the structure of the essay be clearly maintained in accordance with them. Its main elements are the introduction; the main part and the conclusion, however there are many other nuances that need to be known.

Write essay tips: introduction

It is very important to describe the problem, which will be revealed in the future. The introduction of the main questions begins with the introduction, the answers to which will appear during the main part. It also defines a genre in which an essay will be written:

  • Narration
  • Description
  • Reasoning
  • Literary portrait
  • Comparative characteristics
  • Do not delay the introduction. It should be capacious and informative
  • Main part

This is the most voluminous block, one might say, the very backbone, on which the rest of the structure of the work is strung. Therefore, it is customary to divide it into several separate points, which must be at least three. Formulate the names you need in the right way. In addition, the interrogative form of writing a paragraph or subparagraph is undesirable.

Writing essay tips: conclusion

Here is a reasonable conclusion that should logically emerge from the above. It must be concise, disclose the topic and answer the questions posed during the writing of the essay. In addition, the individual color, personal attitude to the problem is very welcome.

Auxiliary structure elements

In addition to the main parts, there is also a number of additional, which are a necessary part of the composition of the essay. First of all, this is a title page. It is his look before you study the work itself. Therefore, it should be as informative and properly decorated. It should also contain the following information: the name of the institution, information about the performer and verifier.

Following the title page is an equally important part, without which the competent structure of the composition is impossible. This is a plan (content). It contains a list of key parts of the work: introduction, all paragraphs and sub-paragraphs of the main part, conclusions. Also often between the title page and the plan have an epigraph, which is a quote, enclosed in quotes and indicating the author. It is placed on top, with alignment on the right.

Often, many educational institutions require the inclusion of a list of references in the structure of an essay. This is necessary when a work is written according to the work of a certain writer or to any style, genre, or direction. In this case, many bibliographic sources are used, so they need to be specified. This is done taking into account all the requirements of the bibliography.

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